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Together with our team of experts we can help increase your search engine rankings by up to 400%.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Get your website optimized by the experts in the field and get a better ranking in the search engine results.

Competitive Keyword Analysis

Competitive Keyword Analysis

Before zeroing to the keywords, we make it a point to do a lot of market research and analyze a  lot of parameters.

Increased Online Presence

Increased Online Presence

The one thing that we can assure you is that you will have a better web presence as a result of exceptional services.

Weekly Adjustments

Weekly Adjustments

We make it a point to do a weekly analysis and make the necessary changes if it is required. By doing this will ensure to retain the position in the search engine results.

Page Rank Checker

Page Rank Checker

You can check the ranking of your site through our page rank checker which provide you with the complete details.

Pay-Per-Click Services

Pay-Per-Click Services

With full confidence, we can say that our PPC services are one of the best, and we will definitely contribute to the development of the business.

Service Packages

Choose the service package that best fits your needs.

  • Daily analysis and optimization
  • Comprehensive Website Audit
  • Top 3 Listing Guarantee
  • Traffic Source Analysis
  • Google Analytics Setup & Monitoring
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Daily analysis and optimization
  • Comprehensive Website Audit and Road Map
  • Top 10 Listing Guarantee
  • Traffic Source Analysis
  • Google Analytics Setup & Monitoring
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • On-page Optimization
  • Weekly Traffic and SERP reports

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Advantages Of Online Marketing

Advantages Of Online Marketing

Internet marketing (online marketing) has undoubtedly become incredibly famous nowadays because businesses have found that it is so much better than not using the internet for their workings. Online marketing can be incredibly cost-effective, time friendly and also easy to handle. It enables you to do a lot of work with just a click of a button or a scroll and tap on the screen. This has indeed made it so that there are immense opportunities for small scale industries and also large scale industries to ultimately enhance and make sure their sales are more than good enough or more than good. Marketing has always been a massive part of how the world works and when the internet got involved everything became way more prominent than it ever was and it also made sure that marketing became one of the biggest things that anyone and everyone talked about. Its significance has been made known to everyone.

The internet is obviously the center of attention and has been for the past few decades. Without the internet, people act like they are cave-men and have nothing else to do in life. A lot of businesses actually depend on the internet for all of their workings. People have even become billionaires because of the internet and how their work affected it. I have listed out a couple of advantages on internet marketing below, do take a look

1. A broad and global reach for a wide range of potential customers

With the internet, you can literally reach out to anyone who is on the other side of the planet and get a reply instantly. It is true that the internet has made the world a small place. Everyone and anyone who has a device that is connected to the internet can be reached no matter what. If your business is based in the United States, and you get an order from Australia, which affordable shipping costs, the product can reach the customer in a matter of days. This is how,, etc. carry out their businesses to with international customers.


2. Convenient and quick because an unlimited number of customers can reach you at any time of the day

The internet is immensely accessible because billions of people are on it every second. The customers can also easily track the items that they have purchased because of the live tracking features.

3. A broader reach and even low cost when it comes to operations

A significant advantage when it comes to internet marketing, which would be lower operating costs because advertisements are cheaper on the internet. They also reach more people more than physical advertisements.

4. 24/7 marketing

It is possible because you only need an internet connection and a computer or a phone because there are no opening hours or closing hours. The website is always active, and people can browse and order from the sites whenever they want.

Marketing facts to transform your digital game

Marketing facts to transform your digital game

The advertising industry is evolving in new and different ways. Due to the hundreds of studies being published, it is easy now more than ever to keep up with all the trends. From customer insights to bold predictions regarding any upcoming trend, these well-researched studies help to shape marketing strategies of any brand. We have compiled some of the craziest facts to make sure that your digital game is transformed

By 2020, 82% of the consumer internet traffic will be from videos

In the coming years’ video is predicted to outperform other online mediums, according to Cisco. Brands have already started to prepare for the shift as it is said that by 2020 US online video ad spend will be projected to hit $17billion.


Influencer marketing is a $1billion industry

Influencer marketing since 2013 has multiplied over 198x times, due to which more and more brands are dedicating ad dollars to the platform. According to Mediakix, it is found that this surge in interest has resulted in a $1billion influencer marketing industry on Instagram, which is still growing.

The Average consumer attention span is just 8 seconds

From a metrics standpoint, consumers are 106% more likely to bounce on mobile when the load speed is six seconds. You as a marketer needs to optimise your webpage for speed and also make your blog content attention-grabbing to increase time spent on the page.

Millennials are accounted for 1/3rd of all US retail sales by 2020

In the US today there are 92 million millennials whose spending reach around $600 billion each year. This ground is generally 21-36-year-olds who is the country’s largest living generation. Millennials are generally known for their rejection of traditional advertising and are quick to adapt to new technologies and brands needs to consider adjusting their strategy to reach millennials through social media and influencer marketing.


75% of the total marketing budget will go to digital marketing

Research from Salesforce found that marketing executives will spend 3/4th of their overall marketing budget on the digital platform in 2021. Today, marketers spend about 62% of their total marketing budget on digital media, this is expected to grow 21% by the year 2021. This increase in ad spend reflects how much the advertising industry has changed and how brands are reducing on traditional channels and the digital platform continues to dominate.

Contents with relevant images will get 94% more views

Content marketing strategy is always a growing priority for advertisers. Today consumers are more attracted towards images and marketers need to focus their attention on providing visual stimulation with their written content. Consumers preference for image-rich content will continue to increase compelling marketers to design resources accordingly with compelling imagery and quality photos.

Marketing tips and tricks for beginners

Marketing tips and tricks for beginners

If you run your own business, the chances are that you have to dip your toes into the marketing world. Marketing is a vast big world and getting noticed here is becoming increasingly difficult. We have rounded some tips and tricks for those who are just starting to know the journey.

Understand your customer

You need to know who you are dealing with and getting to know your target audience will go a long way to have an impact and them noticing the message. Get to know what the frequent messages that are asked by your customers learn about the most frequent comments. It does not matter if you want to go digital or just trying to spread leaflets; if the message is reaching the targeted audience, it is likely to create a more significant impact.


Email Marketing

Reducing the words on your subject line can make a significant impact. Try not to tell a story but get the mail subject interesting enough to get the customer open the mail and follow the calls to action.

Outdoor advertising

Digital marketing is important but do not ignore outdoor advertising such as billboards. Try choosing a striking image and a few keywords with a clear call to action to get noticed. Try working with an agency, it might go a little out of budget, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

Social Media

Engage in social media

We live a world where social media always comes on top, and there is no getting away from it. It is the same when it comes to marketing, so try using it for your advantage. Start small as social media can be an overwhelming experience, try opting for one or two platforms. Use photos and hashtags to get noticed.

Explore SEO

SEO helps your webpage rank higher in the search engine result page. Use Google Adwords to help you see what people are looking for on the internet. Use these words to get yourself ranking higher and getting noticed as it is much easier to write about what you know and get traffic for the same.


Send a clear message

Do people know what you are selling? For you it is obvious, but for a potential customer, it is not. Make sure that people know about the services and products you offer. Have a clear message out there and also have easier ways for people to contact you, try making prices readily available on your leaflets, websites, etc.

Be consistent

A happy customer is the best tool for marketing as word of mouth is a great tool. People trust recommendations from people. Try giving it your best and also staying consistent with the quality of your products or services. There is nothing worse than inconsistent service if the customer is sure that you will provide the same service every time they are likely to return and also tell others.

The Influence Of Technology On Marketing

The Influence Of Technology On Marketing

We can easily say without a doubt that the majority of the planet depends on buying and selling products for their livelihood. The marketing industry is basically buying and selling of goods; whether it is in the country or internationally it is all the same for the industry. By technology, I mean the internet. The internet has had such a cataclysmic influence on billions of people all around the world for the past few decades, that it completely revolutionized how the world works and how people spend their time.


Technology is surely always changing, and it seems like almost every day there is something new and innovative coming out, something that makes a dent or has an impact in how everything works in the world of marketing. It doesn’t have to be a particular type of technology because technology, no matter what shape or form, affects every industry there is. Tech has transformed the way marketers do their job. Below I have listed out a couple of ways technology has influenced people in the marketing world.

1. It has dramatically helped the control and management of big data. This is extremely useful because bookkeeping was taking a lot of effort, and it was intensely time-consuming as well.

2. Today’s technology makes it possible also to know what your customers want and don’t want, what they like and don’t like. With the advent of customer review columns and comments section, you can stay in touch with your customers and know exactly what will make them happy.

3. Artificial intelligence has been used to notice useful patterns and also handle very large finances and even getting insight into numbers. Marketers can use artificial intelligence to automatically create targeted advertisements and also predict the behaviors of customers. Mainly their buying patterns can be analyzed and then the information is usually used for the betterment of selling techniques.


4. The internet of things is an ever-growing collection of devices that are connected to the internet. Nowadays, this can mean even your refrigerator, mower, coffee maker, vacuum cleaners, etc. The internet of things has undoubtedly helped marketers to gather information on customers and get to know their likes, dislikes and also all kinds of habits. More connected devices mean, more people can be reached.

For example: I was browsing online recently for some new shoes, later when I was at the mall, my Apple Watch knew my location, so it sent me a notification for a sale that was around me. The watch, which was connected to my phone, knew my location and also knew that I had searched for shoes recently and directed me towards a sale. When I saw the notification, I actually went and purchased a pair of shoes. This is how the internet of things influences potential customers.

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