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Marketing facts to transform your digital game

The advertising industry is evolving in new and different ways. Due to the hundreds of studies being published, it is easy now more than ever to keep up with all the trends. From customer insights to bold predictions regarding any upcoming trend, these well-researched studies help to shape marketing strategies of any brand. We have compiled some of the craziest facts to make sure that your digital game is transformed

By 2020, 82% of the consumer internet traffic will be from videos

In the coming years’ video is predicted to outperform other online mediums, according to Cisco. Brands have already started to prepare for the shift as it is said that by 2020 US online video ad spend will be projected to hit $17billion.


Influencer marketing is a $1billion industry

Influencer marketing since 2013 has multiplied over 198x times, due to which more and more brands are dedicating ad dollars to the platform. According to Mediakix, it is found that this surge in interest has resulted in a $1billion influencer marketing industry on Instagram, which is still growing.

The Average consumer attention span is just 8 seconds

From a metrics standpoint, consumers are 106% more likely to bounce on mobile when the load speed is six seconds. You as a marketer needs to optimise your webpage for speed and also make your blog content attention-grabbing to increase time spent on the page.

Millennials are accounted for 1/3rd of all US retail sales by 2020

In the US today there are 92 million millennials whose spending reach around $600 billion each year. This ground is generally 21-36-year-olds who is the country’s largest living generation. Millennials are generally known for their rejection of traditional advertising and are quick to adapt to new technologies and brands needs to consider adjusting their strategy to reach millennials through social media and influencer marketing.


75% of the total marketing budget will go to digital marketing

Research from Salesforce found that marketing executives will spend 3/4th of their overall marketing budget on the digital platform in 2021. Today, marketers spend about 62% of their total marketing budget on digital media, this is expected to grow 21% by the year 2021. This increase in ad spend reflects how much the advertising industry has changed and how brands are reducing on traditional channels and the digital platform continues to dominate.

Contents with relevant images will get 94% more views

Content marketing strategy is always a growing priority for advertisers. Today consumers are more attracted towards images and marketers need to focus their attention on providing visual stimulation with their written content. Consumers preference for image-rich content will continue to increase compelling marketers to design resources accordingly with compelling imagery and quality photos.

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