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Marketing Technology

The Influence Of Technology On Marketing

We can easily say without a doubt that the majority of the planet depends on buying and selling products for their livelihood. The marketing industry is basically buying and selling of goods; whether it is in the country or internationally it is all the same for the industry. By technology, I mean the internet. The internet has had such a cataclysmic influence on billions of people all around the world for the past few decades, that it completely revolutionized how the world works and how people spend their time.


Technology is surely always changing, and it seems like almost every day there is something new and innovative coming out, something that makes a dent or has an impact in how everything works in the world of marketing. It doesn’t have to be a particular type of technology because technology, no matter what shape or form, affects every industry there is. Tech has transformed the way marketers do their job. Below I have listed out a couple of ways technology has influenced people in the marketing world.

1. It has dramatically helped the control and management of big data. This is extremely useful because bookkeeping was taking a lot of effort, and it was intensely time-consuming as well.

2. Today’s technology makes it possible also to know what your customers want and don’t want, what they like and don’t like. With the advent of customer review columns and comments section, you can stay in touch with your customers and know exactly what will make them happy.

3. Artificial intelligence has been used to notice useful patterns and also handle very large finances and even getting insight into numbers. Marketers can use artificial intelligence to automatically create targeted advertisements and also predict the behaviors of customers. Mainly their buying patterns can be analyzed and then the information is usually used for the betterment of selling techniques.


4. The internet of things is an ever-growing collection of devices that are connected to the internet. Nowadays, this can mean even your refrigerator, mower, coffee maker, vacuum cleaners, etc. The internet of things has undoubtedly helped marketers to gather information on customers and get to know their likes, dislikes and also all kinds of habits. More connected devices mean, more people can be reached.

For example: I was browsing online recently for some new shoes, later when I was at the mall, my Apple Watch knew my location, so it sent me a notification for a sale that was around me. The watch, which was connected to my phone, knew my location and also knew that I had searched for shoes recently and directed me towards a sale. When I saw the notification, I actually went and purchased a pair of shoes. This is how the internet of things influences potential customers.

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